Pro Fiber: innovative haircare with APTYL 100

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If Pro Fiber by L’Oréal Professionnel is the result of 15 years of research in the field of brittle and damaged hair, its success is due to the discovery of a technology that makes it possible to implement a restorative molecule in the depth of each hair: APTYL 100. But what exactly IS this?

Everything you need to know about Pro Fiber, APTYL 100

Aptyl 100 = aminosilane + cationic polymers

The molecule with the odd name reveals its power when the two assets combine. The charge of aminosilane is to reconstruct and strengthen the fiber, whereas the cationic polymer creates a sheath and silky finish.

Aminosilane is a silicon compound and is responsible for reconstituting and enhancing your hair. It actively penetrates deep into the hair structure, thanks to an innovative this sol-gel technology developed by L’Oréal Research.

“Containing a mineral part, it creates a 3D network by forming a silica framework. The second part, which is organic, allows a firm anchoring to the fibre. Applied on the hair, it enters the capillary structure to the level of the cortex. Its action is sustainable and most effective when the hair is damaged.”

The second component, the cationic polymer, is used to sheath your hair, thus making it soft after the application of treatments. Its positive charges are attracted to the parts where the hair is negatively charged, i.e. the more damaged sections. To combine the polymer with the aminosilane, L’Oréal Professional is committed to a careful selection to use only polymer with high cationicity, conducive to be most effective with the damaged fibres.

Combining for the first time aminosilane with an outstanding cationic polymer, L’Oréal Professionnel revolutionizes the sphere of hair care enabling an unprecedented revelation of lasting results.

Pro Fiber becomes hence the ultimate hair care as it comes to the rescue of weakened and sensitive hair, restoring it long-lastingly!